March 6, 2023

Owls: The Unique On-Chain NFT Collection

 Owls - The Unique On-Chain NFT Collection

Owls have taken the world of NFTs by storm, with their unique on-chain collection of 10,000 unique ASCII images. The process of generating each owl is done on-chain, using a pseudo-random seed, ensuring that each owl is unique and different from the others. Furthermore, the art is stored on-chain and constructed as an SVG every time the tokenURI() is called, ensuring that the Owls are always fresh and exciting to behold.


A significant characteristic of Owls is the sheer number of possible combinations that can be generated. With over 90 million possible combinations, each Owl is truly unique and special. This makes Owls a highly sought-after unique nft collection for enthusiasts and collectors alike. The variety and diversity of Owls that can be generated is truly staggering, making it an exciting venture for anyone who is looking for a unique and fresh NFT experience.

The Community's Enthusiasm for Owls

Every ASCII owl is a special and distinct work of art, with countless customizing possibilities. They are an exclusive set of NFTs, where no two are alike due to the many different possible combinations. The collection's rareness makes it highly sought and makes it a valuable asset in the world of NFTs.

 The Community's Enthusiasm for Owls

Project has recently gained enormous attention in the nft community, and it seems like their popularity is only growing. While the creator of Owls has not yet announced any concrete plans for the future of the project, the community's excitement and enthusiasm for Owls suggest that it has a promising future.

Several Twitter users have suggested that the creator of Owls should create a Discord server for the community. Some community members even offered to help create a fully moderated Discord for free, stating that they did not want anything in return. One user suggested that the Owls project could give back to its holders, without diluting the collection.

They suggested finding a way to give back to holders, such as taking a percentage of royalties to support owl conservation efforts. Other Twitter users have suggested that the Owls project could benefit from more community involvement. They also suggested allowing holders to vote on the direction of the project.

The Owls Collection

Featuring various combinations of designs developed in an ASCII environment, It has become a popular nft collection. Great choice for those who appreciate the simplicity of ASCII art. Each one unique with its own combination of colored shapes and wings spread open or closed. Each one features big, expressive eyes, some even sleeping peacefully.

The collection is a popular and valuable addition to the world of NFT projects and digital art collections. With its unique ASCII art designs, inspired by pop art culture, It stands out from other NFT collections in the market right now.


Owls NFT Collection

Owls are easily accessible to collectors all over the world through various NFT marketplaces. This has caused the demand for these items to increase substantially on OpenSea, with a trading volume over 8900 ETH.

Despite the high demand, it is important to be cautious when considering investing in these items. The market is currently in an accumulation zone and attempting to break its all-time high. If the market can hold its support, it may just need a little announcement to send it skyrocketing. However, if Owls are slow to react, the market may move on. As a result, entering at these levels is very risky. It is important to be active and participate in the market analysis to make the most of the opportunities available.

The Creator

The creator is a mysterious figure who has remained anonymous. In a tweet, the creator mentioned that they did not have any plans for the project, other than "just vibing with the art." However, they have since expressed a desire to explore ideas and find a good fit for Owls on a technical and fundamental level.

The creator has minted around 100 owls after the contract was deployed, which they may use for giveaways, project development funding, and personal use. The creator has expressed interest in further developing and enhancing the platform.


Owls are a unique and valuable on-chain NFT collection that has captured the attention of the crypto community. The rarity and uniqueness make them an interesting asset in the world of NFTs. While the creator has not yet announced any concrete plans for the future, the community is eagerly waiting for what's next for this exciting project. The creator's commitment to developing and enhancing the platform bodes well for its success.

It is fascinating to see how they have been embraced by the crypto community, with enthusiasts and collectors alike showing immense enthusiasm for the project. The collection is not just a collection of images but a gateway to a world of creativity and imagination.