April 6, 2023

What is Mfers NFT and Who is Sartoshi?

Mfers NFT


Mfers NFT is a unique project that began as a personal exploration into the world of digital art and has since evolved into a decentralized, community-driven experiment. This article explains how Mfers started, the creator's experience, and the community involved in the project.

The Birth of Sartoshi NFT and the Fascination with CryptoPunks

Sartoshi mfer inside a womb

In March 2021, the creator of Mfers started checking out digital art on SuperRare, a website where you can buy and sell one-of-a-kind digital artworks. While doing this, they found out about CryptoPunks, a really famous NFT project created by Larva Labs.

CryptoPunks has 10,000 unique 24x24 pixel art characters. A computer program made these punk characters. After seeing what NFTs can do, the creators of Mfers NFT bought their first CryptoPunk in April 2021. This is what gave them the idea for the Mfer NFT project.

Exploring the NFT World and Establishing a Unique Identity

Sartoshi started making art on Foundation, a digital art platform. He used funny and relatable content to connect with the community. His unique style of digital art and social media presence got people interested and gained him a large fanbase.

The character he made, which shows a child holding a cigarette, became famous and represents the "I can do what I want in web3" idea.

The Inspiration for Mfers Collection

The idea behind creating an NFT collection based on a stick figure character was to represent the idea that everyone has a rebellious side. The collection consists of 10,000 NFTs which are inspired by CryptoPunks, and includes punk-inspired features and rarity distributions as a tribute to the original project.

Mfers NFTs: A Closer Look

Most Expensive Mfers floor price and how many mfers

Mfers is a collection of unique profile pictures (PFP) offered for the collectors as NFTs. On November 30, 2021, Mfers were minted and made available for purchase. Each NFT was worth 0.069 ETH at that time, according to the official Mfers website. 21 of them are unique 1 on 1 NFTs inspired by the "are you winning, son?" meme template, crafted by the artist.

Some important things to know about the Mfers NFT project:

  • The project is prepared for Web3 and uses the File System (IPFS) to store all NFT assets and metadata.
  • The 10,000 Mfers NFT artwork pieces are simple stick figure drawings.
  • All the digital assets for this project are available to the public, whether you own an Mfer NFT or not.

Building the Mfers NFT Collection

To create the Mfers collection, Sartoshi worked with the WestCoastNFT group, a team of developers and NFT fans. They handled the technical parts of the project, like creating the Ethereum contract and adding minting functions. Meanwhile, Sartoshi carefully designed each Mfers character, giving them each a distinct personality and visual appeal.

Embracing Public Domain and Fostering Creativity

mfers original nft

Sartoshi was inspired by other projects that promote open access to art. They decided to release the Mfers nfts collection under a public domain license (CC0). This means that anyone can use the artwork without any restrictions or needing to give credit.

This choice helped spark creativity and allowed the community to experiment with the Mfers characters through various means, such as animations, related projects, and physical merchandise.

Launching the Mfers NFT Collection

The Mfers collection was launched on November 30, 2021 for a price of 0.069 ETH. There were no special privileges or paid promotions. The launch was a grassroots effort that relied on word of mouth and organic community interest to drive sales. The collection sold out quickly and the Mfers world began to take shape. Where to buy Mfers NFT? The first mint ended a long time ago, and now Mfers NFTs are only available on NFT marketplaces where you can also sell Mfers.

The Mfers Community: Building a Decentralized Ecosystem

Satoshi encouraged the community to make new art without strict rules. The community made a unofficial mfers discord server to share ideas and work together. People took on different roles like moderators, artists, developers, and project managers. This helped to create an organic and decentralized community.

Mfers DAO: The Future of Governance

Mfers Dao in  Ethereum Blockchain

As the community grew and evolved, they began exploring the creation of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). This would allow community members to share their opinions on the project's future, potential collaborations, and funding allocation. 

The DAO would leverage blockchain technology and smart contracts to ensure fair and transparent decision making, aligning with Mfers' decentralized values.

The Mfers Token: Empowering the Community

The Mfers nfts introduced its own token idea to motivate greater involvement from its community. This token enables participants to vote on decisions, sell more mfers, provide input on project developments, and gain access to exclusive mfer and content. This way, the Mfers project can stay connected with its community and keep growing.

Expanding the Mfers Universe: Collaborations and Partnerships

The Mfers project has caught the attention of many artists, developers, and entrepreneurs, leading to how many mfers collaborations and partnerships. These connections have grown the Mfers universe by launching new projects and initiatives that use the unique characters and artwork. This includes fashion collaborations, virtual reality experiences, gaming integrations, and more. The Mfers universe is always expanding, and this offers new opportunities for community members and the wider NFT space.

Mfers and the Future of NFTs

mfers nft future

The unofficial Mfers Discord server is now the main community for Mfers.

Some things that are coming up for the project are:

  • Creating a system for Mfers tokens
  • Selling merchandise with Mfers designs, like hoodies, hats, bags, T-shirts, and who knows maybe even spaceships mfers.
  • Creating fresh Mfer concepts, such as cool skull mfers, forward-facing Mfers, tropical paradise Mfers, collared shirt mfer, and ape-like Mfers.

The project has released its iconic NFTs to the public, which opens up many potential development opportunities. The project has grown naturally, which shows how community driven, decentralized NFT projects can be successful. Creativity and shared sense of ownership, the Mfers NFTs have shown how NFTs can create strong and engaged communities that go beyond the digital world. As the NFT industry develops further, the Mfers its dedicated community will definitely contribute to shaping the future of digital art and culture.

Conclusion of This Mfer NFT Article

The Mfers NFT project started as a personal fascinated exploration into digital art and has grown into a decentralized community that creates, governs, and expands the blueprint of the Mfers universe. Mfers using public domain licensing, community driven decision making, and blockchain technology to lead in the world of NFTs.

Mfers' future looks bright with collaborations, new projects, and a dedicated community to push mfer derivatives into digital art and community building.