Sandbox (old) overview

Sandbox (old) overview

Release date: Feb 9, 2022

The Sandbox (old) collection is ERC721 non-fungible token on the Ethereum blockchain. There are 24 unique owners holding Sandbox (old) token. Current cheapest Sandbox (old) token costs Ξ0 ($0). The total sales volume for Sandbox (old) collection is Ξ98.7k ($157.4M). Last 7 days there was 0 sales generating Ξ0 ($0) volume.

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Sandbox (old) most asked questions

When was Sandbox (old) created?

Sandbox (old) was created in Feb 9, 2022.

How many Sandbox (old) tokens are there?

There are currently 105400 Sandbox (old) tokens in circulation.

How much total volume has Sandbox (old) done?

The total sales volume for Sandbox (old) is Ξ 98.7k ($157.4M)

How many holders are collecting the Sandbox (old)?

There are 24 wallets holding NFTs in Sandbox (old) collection.

How many Sandbox (old) tokens are on sale?

There are total supply of 105400 Sandbox (old) tokens and 0 (0%) these are on sale on different NFT marketplaces.

What type of contract did Sandbox (old) use?

Sandbox (old) smart contract 0x50f5474724e0ee42d9a4e711ccfb275809fd6d4a used erc721 standard.