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Alpha Sharks Tool Access

We have finalized a deal with Alpha Sharks to give NFT HUD users full access to their tool suite, so that you have tools to use while NFT HUD gets rebuilt.

Starting September 7, you have 2 months of full access to the Alpha Sharks tool suite, paid for by our team, if you....

  • Have signed into NFT HUD in the last 60 days
  • Held an NFT HUD pass at the time of snapshot
  • Don’t already have their NFT access pass

NFTEYE Tool Access

The folks from NFT EYE have generously offered to give NFT HUD users full access to their tool service for the rest of 2022! Some of the key features of NFTEye Real-time Sniper, Auto Bidding, Auto Mint and deep data analytics.

SuperSea Tool Access

The team from SuperSea have generously offered to give NFT HUD Holders one month of full access to their paid browser extension. SuperSea is an extension for traders looking to gain a competitive advantage over other market participants.

Curio Tool Access

Curio, one of the top NFT intelligence platforms, has offered NFTHud holders a 1 month free trial of Curio Pro! Start: October, 1 2022

Curio Pro
  • Real-time orderbook & sniping for 6,000 collections
  • Customizable gas settings & direct buy
  • Full historical floor price & sales analytics
  • NFT pricing assistant w/ direct list to OpenSea
  • Advanced data-driven token browser
  • Whale & bluechip holder tracking
  • Unlimited personalized watchlists
  • Upcoming drops calendar
  • Deep trait-level analytics
  • OpenRarity support

NFT HUD will be suspending services sept 4 11:59PM ET

Over the past several weeks the team has been discussing the future of NFT HUD.

Our goal has always been to provide top-level features for active NFT traders and to help collectors in their NFT journeys. In the past few months, this mission has become significantly more difficult due to the market downtrend, massive changes in marketplace protocols, and major shifts in the trading meta. Let’s discuss.

The Market

7 months ago when we launched NFT HUD…

  • Opensea’s daily volume was 13x higher than it is now
  • The number of NFTs sold was 2x higher than it is now
  • The average price per NFT was 8x higher than it is now

What happened?

  • Overall volume decreased
  • Floor prices of NFT projects decreased
  • Active traders decreased
  • Average cost per NFT decreased
  • Royalties decreased
  • Subscriptions decreased
  • Features on HUD increased
  • Data on HUD increased
  • Processing power, storage, and development increased

Our site has scaled significantly since we launched in January 2022. We’ve introduced a handful of new features and tools. Some big. Some small.

Structural & Business Model Issues

  • Opensea changing to Seaport protocol drastically changes the way data is processed. HUD 1.0 was built in September 2021 using Opensea’s old protocol.
  • Sudoswap is likely to further change the marketplace meta. We must prepare for this.
  • Running the site directly from Opensea APIs is no longer a viable method. We need to run directly from blockchain nodes to encompass all current and future marketplaces that will exist.
  • Free to use (or try) competitor sites with massive VC funding are very hard to market against. We can’t beat them, we must join them.
  • Royalties are currently minimal and likely to decrease to zero because marketplaces are removing creator royalties entirely. Royalties are no longer a viable funding solution to fund ongoing operating expenses.

What is the plan?

We need to rebuild NFT HUD from the ground up. To do this, we must devote all resources and energy to HUD 2.0, which means we must suspend the current NFT HUD site and services while we rebuild.

This will allow capital and developers to focus entirely on the replacement solution, instead of putting band-aids on a model that is no longer productive or relevant.

Simply put…. NFT HUD will become broken and irrelevant if we don't change things.

We either continue to patch NFT HUD 1.0 that is providing diminishing value, or we shut down to build HUD 2.0. The timing is right…things are super low volume in the market at this time.

HUD 2.0

  • All focus will be on building useful features for users
  • Site will be free to use
  • Premium features will be available only to Founders NFT holders and subscribers

Why are we doing this?

We’ve spent significant time going through every single idea and option we could come up with that would best serve our users.  We explored VC funding, merging/acquisition with other platforms, and pivoting completely, but none of these options have been viable alternatives. This was not an easy decision, but suspending current services to build HUD 2.0 is the only beneficial solution we have identified.


  • Creator royalties on all marketplaces for NFT HUD passes have been lowered to 0%.
  • NFT HUD site will shut down Sunday, September 4 at 11:59pm ET with intent to reopen a new platform in 2023.

Interim Toolsuite

We are currently finalizing a deal with another platform to give active NFT HUD users full access to their toolsuite, so that you have tools to use while NFT HUD gets rebuilt.

You will receive 2 months of full access to those tools, paid for by our team, if you:

  • Have signed into NFT HUD at least once in the last 60 days
  • Currently hold an NFT HUD pass at the time of snapshot
  • Don’t already have their access pass

The wallet that holds your NFT HUD token will be the one that has access to these tools during the 2 month period.

We expect to have this access start this month (September), but there will be a follow up announcement regarding the exact date that the access period begins.

Management Restructuring

Matt & Michael will be relinquishing their minority rights to the rest of the NFT HUD team. We believe that the most important resources for the advancement of NFT HUD 2.0 will be the developers of the tool suite. Adding to the development team is a necessary step to rebuilding and scaling the platform.

A word From Matt: Michael and I have worked on this project for the last 10 months. Over that time, we’ve greatly enjoyed being hands-on in the creative development of the tools, engaging with the community, and working day in-and-out to build a better experience for you all. We’ve come to the realization that our lack of ability on technical development may be hindering the growth of the platform. This platform needs developers, now more than ever. We have decided to step down from our current roles into a transitory advisory position for the rest of 2022. Simo and Siim will move forward with full control of NFT HUD, able to execute their vision for this platform. They are the true masterminds behind the code. This site is nothing without them. Michael and I will continue to be available to the community over the next several months to help with the transition, and we hope that our decision helps propel this project to greater heights. We understand that you may have questions and we will be actively answering them in the #founders-chat

NFT HUD instagram

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